Oral surgery

In our polyclinic you can get everything, from diagnostics, to surgical treatment of teeth, jaw, oral cavity and surrounding areas, as well as plastic-reconstructive procedures.

Conservation therapy

Do you want to save your aching tooth or just clean plaque? We offer a range of painless services and procedures that will help you to quickly achieve the desired result.

What does oral surgery encompass?

Oral surgery consists of dental surgery, surgery of infections of oral cavity and jaw, pre-prosthesis surgery, surgical prosthetics and implantology.

It is closely related to maxillofacial surgery and best results are achieved when these two disciplines are combined.

Safe surgeries in Polyclinic Šiljeg

In our polyclinic we have a contemporary operating room equipped for all types of oral surgery:

  • alveotomy – extracting erupted or impacted wisdom teeth
  • apicoectomy – surgical removal of the tip of the tooth’s root in a case of infection
  • corticotomy – surgically “pulling out” an ingrown tooth to allow regular growth
  • frenulectomy – surgical removal of the frenulum to allow more tongue movement
  • cystectomy – removing the periapical lesions of teeth or abscesses
  • alveolar ridge modeling
  • sinus lifting
  • other types of oral surgery

In addition to the classic devices for dentoalveolar surgery and implantology, we also use a piezo-surgery device for minimally invasive bone treatment in bone surgeries. It is a completely atraumatic method of bone processing based on the high-frequency oscillation of the working instrument in contact with the bone. This method is especially effective in pre-implant regenerative procedures – sinus floor lifting, ridge augmentation and osteoplasty.

Conservative dentistry

This basic branch of dentistry is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and repair of teeth damaged by cavities. The goal is to provide healthy, functional and aesthetically beautiful teeth with a painless procedure.

Services of Polyclinic Šiljeg include:

  • implanting composite fillings
  • endodontic dental treatment
  • protection of bare dental necks
  • cleaning plaque
  • tooth sandblasting
  • teeth whitening

Active oxygen treatments

In our polyclinic we also use OzonytronX®, an active oxygen generator and an Omega probe that is suitable for deep oxygen activation and tissue stimulation. This technology allows us a wide range of therapeutic applications in treatment and prevention.

Ozone promotes wound healing anywhere on the body and muscle relaxation, while also having an effective anti-inflammatory effect.

The ozone is applied locally, and its advantage is that it stays only in the treated place, unlike antibiotics, which burden the body and can create bacterial resistance. The results of the treatment are immediate and very effective.

The treatment lasts up to 30 seconds and is completely painless.

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