Oral implantology

Install implants in place of one or more missing teeth and you will have the perfect solution for new teeth that are fixed in place.

Dental prosthetics

In addition to implants, we also offer the possibility of making crowns, bridges and dentures.


Oral implantology is a dental discipline based on oral surgery and dental prosthetics. It involves the installation of special root prostheses or titanium implants. Implants can significantly improve the function of existing teeth or completely take over their role. A prerequisite for the installation of dental implants is a specialist examination that we perform in our clinic. After that, we proceed with the treatment of the oral cavity by removing all deposits from the teeth, followed by the installation of dental implants. In today’s time of technology development, implant therapy is an incomparably better aesthetic and functional solution than the outdated technology of dentures.

The process and duration of implantological therapy


Dental prosthetics

Do you need to make up for one or more lost teeth and do not want implants? Are you not completely satisfied with the look of your existing teeth? Dental prosthetics will allow you to correct the lack of teeth or irregularities in the color, shape or position of the teeth.

We offer you:

  • total and partial acrylic dentures
  • wironit dentures
  • a combination of bridges and wironit dentures
  • flexi prosthesis
  • porcelain crowns and bridges
  • zircon crowns
  • dental jewelry
  • upgrades

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