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Active Oxygen – Ozone


Active oxygen – ozone is used except in dentistry also in areas of bio-oxidative medicine (dermatology and cosmetics, orthopedic and sports injuries, surgery, …). It is effective in an elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, treatment and regeneration of wounds, reduce pain and inflammation, hyper tissue oxygenation, elimination of toxins. The treatment is painless with no side effects and allergic reactions.

OzonytronX ® (Germany) is a generator with a set of active oxygen plasma probes and offers a wide range of therapeutic applications in treatment and prevention.
We also have OMEGA probe which is suitable for deep oxygen activation and stimulation of the tissues and can reach deeper structures beneath the skin. Promotes wound healing (anywhere on the body), pain therapy and muscle relaxation.biozonix

The application of ozone is local, and the advantage of also being retained only in the treated site unlike antibiotics that greatly burden the body and generate bacterial resistance. The results of treatment are immediate and very effective.

“During the application ozone will immediately destroy bacteria, fungus or virus in the oral cavity, and after the first treatment infection can lead to instant healing. It has a beneficial effects on mouth ulcers which tend to be extremely painful.”

Treatment lasts up to 30 seconds and is completely painless.

Ozone also:
~ stimulates the reticuloendothelial system on tissue
~ is a strong germicide – inactivates enteroviruses, coliform bacteria, staphylococcus aureus and aeromona hydrophilia
~ destroys the phospholipid membrane of many pathogenic organisms
~ opens a  circular plasmid DNA, which reduces bacterial proliferation
~ it’s a strong fungicide, inhibits the growth of Candida
~ in small doses, stimulates the immune system
~ in large doses inhibits the immune system