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PRGF-Endor (plasma rich in growth factor-endogeneus regenerative technology) is one of the best documented procedures in the world with clinical data from over 20 years and is supported with more than 70 scientific papers – more than any other RDP procedures and we today available in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. PRGF Endor is 100% autologous treatment that is the first appeared on the market which means that there will be no adverse reactions because the process does not use foreign substances, which means that it is 100% safe. Even, even in one session in the last 15 years there have been no adverse effects.restylane 2  


There’s a reason why the best football clubs and sports stars, basketball players and tennis players, using just PRGF-Endor technology in applications such as knee injuries and ligaments. Our plasma contains proteins which have the biological activity of the stimulation and acceleration of tissue regeneration.Whenever we have injured our body indicates the proteins in this area and stimulate a process that helps to restore these damaged tissues. The same process can be applied to the skin, because this treatment can help in the regeneration of the skin and reducing wrinkles by adding real collagen and slowly releasing nutrients and proteins in the skin and therefore decrease during aging, and at the same time to repair the damage done already.7

PRGF-Endor does not include leukocytes that cause inflammation. Perhaps you’ve read about the famous people who have to undergo a procedure called Vampire facelift where leukocytes are used so that there is an inflammatory reaction. This is not a Vampire facelift. PRGF-Endor has the European CE certification and US FDA Approval.

In the whole process of aging, aging is not an isolated process, but is part of the general process that includes all organs and organ systems. However, the importance of our external appearance is growing.This growing awareness of aesthetic means and growing interest in the development of new products that allow us to improve the appearance of skin. The idea of using PRGF Endor technology for the treatment of facial anti age is the result of many basic and clinical observations related to the extraordinary effects after applications in tissue. Capacity PRGF-Endor for the activation of tissue regeneration can counteract degenerative changes that occur in the skin after thirty years life.

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