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Oral Surgery & Implantology


07Oral surgery is a specialized branch in the field of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the teeth, jaws, mouth and close surrounding areas and reconstructive plastic surgery. It consists of a dental surgery, specific-surgery and non-specific infection of the mouth and jaws, prosthetic surgery, prosthetics and implantology.

It Is closely related to the maxillofacial surgery and it is best when they act together. It is difficult to precisely determine where the responsibilities of one stop and start responsibilities of other profession. If they cooperate, and if both are reasonable representatives of specialty fields, then it 08is not of importance. Oral dental implantology is a discipline based on oral surgery and prosthodontics.

It is about special installation of root replacements (implants) made of titanium. Implants can significantly improve the function of existing teeth or completely take over their role. A prerequisite is a dental implant specialist examination which is performed in our clinic, a treatment of the oral cavity by removing all debris from the teeth and the installation of dental implants itself.

Today’s development of implant technology is far better aesthetic and functional solution than an obsolete technology of making dentures. In our clinic, we have a well-equipped modern operating room for all Oral Surgery procedures implying alveotomy (extraction of impacted orKirurgija 2 impacted wisdom teeth), apicoctomy (surgical removal of the root tip in the inflammatory process in itself), Frenulectomie, the modeling of the alveolar ridge, sinus lift (sinus lifting ) and a wide variety of oral surgical procedures. In addition to conventional appliances dento alveolar surgery and implant surgery on bones we use a device for piezo-surgery preparation without the use of bone drills and rotary tiller. This is completely atraumatic method 04of processing bone, which is based on high frequency oscillation of work instrumental in contact with the bone-piezo effect. This method is particularly effective in regenerating pre implant surgery – sinus lift, ridge augmentation and osteoplasty.

Except imaplantology we provide complicated removal of tooth, alveotomy, apicotomy, frenulektomia, corticomy and cystectomy


Jurica Šiljeg dr. dent. med.
specialist in oral surgery

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