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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with correcting improper position of the teeth and jaw amongst relations. About 90% of children nowadays have some sort of irregularities. Essentially it is a good time to spot them and identify.

Although most patients are children of school age, orthodontic services can benefit patients of all ages. Before entering into therapy, all teeth should be repaired, and in impeccable hygiene order..

On patients with mixed dentition (milky and permanent teeth) there are therapies available with various mobile devices. Fixed appliance therapy can be used on patients who have permanent dentition (all permanent teeth). (Damon System).Graphic2

Orthodontic treatment can be used for the purposes of preparing prosthetic, where the situation in the mouth is prepared for more beautiful and better prosthetic work. All of the specified services are at your disposal in our clinic, including production of various splints.

 Orthodontic therapy can be used also in pre-prosthesis preparations where situation inside the mouth is been prepared for better and more nicer prosthesis work. All of these services we can apply in our polyclinic including a making of different fillings.

Payment available in rates! Jelena Šiljeg Batagelj,  dr. dent. med.
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