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The polyclinic ŠILJEG is based on a family tradition. Ivica Šiljeg, dental specialist, founded the private dental clinic in 1992 after 25 years of work in the House of Health in Umag. Already in 1993 he is associated with his daughter Jelena Šiljeg Batagelj, which in 1998 Therefore specializes in orthodontics. The son Jurica Šiljeg becomes a specialist in oral surgery in 2005.

The advantages of our polyclinic is the result of long experience, from group work and vocational training acquired in specialized courses, seminars and conferences attended in Croatia and abroad.O nama  4
The hospital has three well-equipped surgeries that offer services of traditional dentistry, dentures, orthodontics and oral surgery. There is also an option of collaboration with other specialist clinics (eg Periodontology). Surgeries are equipped with RTG and RVG.

Entrance and facilities in our polyclinic are adapted to the elderly and people with disabilities which can enter our polyclinic by an elevator.  In addition we also have a private parking available for our clients.

 For those who wish to spend some time in our area, we offer a possibility of renting an apartments and rooms in an immediate vicinity of clinic and sea.Graphic104